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Southern Ontario is seen by many Canadians and potential new Canadians as the land of opportunity. Toronto is the city that everyone has heard about so there's a rush to buy York Region North homes for sale and join the rat race in Canada's busiest city. However, whether you're planning a move to Ontario or just thinking of taking a vacation, remember that there are other options. Kingston, Ontario, located on the northern shore of Lake Ontario just a three hour drive east of Toronto and a two hour drive southwest of Ottawa, is a perfect blend of opportunity and space. You can learn all about it here at

Traditionally home to the Mississauga First Nation, Kingston was first settled by French trappers in 1673. Their settlement, which they named Fort Frontenac, was later taken by the British during the Seven Years War, and became a haven for Loyalists during the American Revolution. The city grew, Canadian mortgage brokers got more business from people settling in Kingston, and in 1841 the city became the first capital of the Province of Canada. Though Kingston is no longer the capital, many of its old buildings still stand to this day, giving the city the nickname "The Limestone City."

Kingston's early history with the military has carried over into the present day. It is currently home to Canadian Forces Base Kingston and the Royal Military College of Canada. Health care, education, and government form the basis of the city's economy, and most people living there are employed in one of these three industries. Some institutions, like the KMFRC or Kingston Military Family Resource Center, even manage to combine elements of all three.

Tourism and culture also have their parts to play in the city's economic landscape, largely because of the city's physical landscape. Located on Lake Ontario and the Cataraqui River, Kingston has many kilometers of picturesque waterfront. Residents and visitors with a little money left over from their EI Refund like to engage in sailing, wreck diving, and other sports. Visitors also like to come to the city for its many golf courses and to visit the International Hockey Hall of Fame.

With a population of just over 100,000, Kingston is big enough to have everything you need and small enough that you don't feel crowded. It has been rated one of the best places to live in Canada by Next Generation Consulting, especially for young professionals thinking of taking jobs in telecom expense management. If you're thinking of making a move to Kingston, browse this website for all the information you'll need to make a decision. You can start by choosing a topic from the navigation bar at the top of the page, or you can contact us directly for more information.

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